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A Brownout Day For West Texas

Why I Love West Texas

IMG_9478When I went out the door this morning to go feed the animals, I could tell the wind was kicking up a little. So I got the ole camera and took a picture off Dow Lowe’s house to the East. It was still early so you never know what a days going to be like. You know, take a picture for reference, just in case your asked.

IMG_9483You could see that tale tale sign, a cloud of dust in the distance. Blue sky above it, but sand just as high as the surrounding trees. You get to thinking now where do I want to be when that hits. The Gin for a cup of coffee doesn’t sound bad right at the present.

IMG_9486I knew I had to go to the post office for some stamps, so I waited till about ten thirty to make my way during the blow. This…

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