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Death Valley National Park in Monochrome

I enjoyed it when I visited šŸ˜ƒ

The Sophomore Slump

On my first post of Death Valley National Park, the pictures were taken from a cellphone and I edited them using a cellphone app Snapseed. This time, the images are from my DLSR. This is Death Valley National Park, one of theĀ top locations Iā€™ve ever visited. I want to present it the right way with what I got.

It wasĀ a constant battle whether I should present the picturesĀ in aĀ color or monochrome palette. I didnā€™t want to present it in B&W in the first place. Many have been successful with turning their DVNP pictures into B&W. Iā€™m intimidated. I donā€™t know how they do it!?. Mine pales in comparison. With the images I got, the transition isnā€™t quite right in my humble opinion.Ā When I posted The City of San Francisco in MonochromeĀ I can proudly say that itā€™s the kind of setting thatā€™s justĀ the right fitĀ for B&W, butĀ it still honestlyā€¦

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