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Unique California 2.0

Nice pics!

The Sophomore Slump

Here are some of the most unusual, unique, weird, odd, out-of-this-world, one-of-a-kind, outlandish, and fun places in California.

From an out-of-place Hindu templeVenice Beach


an outrageously decorated apartment of mystical creatures, to Frank Gehry’s unconventional methods of constructions and onto some of the most exotic places you’ll find in California.

Let’s start again with world renowned starchitect Frank Gehry.


The Gehry Residence features fences that are out-of-place, unpainted wood, aluminum stack that doesn’t work, roofing materials that used as walls, oddly placed glass cubes, and other unusual designs. Gehry still lives in this house today.

If you think you can stomach this next one, you might wanna chew on it …


In Downtown of San Luis Obispo, you can find an alley filled with bubble gums.

Bubble gum Alley

General Sherman

Where do you find the largest tree on Earth?


General Sherman, the largest tree on Earth, can be…

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