Guadalupe Peak (2013)

Been there & done that..💪

Mike Andrick

guadalupe peak trail texas

Last September, not long before Christina and I moved from Texas, we drove west and backpacked to the highest point of the Lone Star State. This photograph was taken near our campsite along the trail about a mile shy of Guadalupe Peak (8,749 feet) in Guadalupe Mountains National Park. It was a 4.25-mile hike to the top with a 3,000-foot elevation gain, and I was silly enough to carry my film camera along with my pack and three gallons of water. And just to prove we didn’t quit before getting to the top, below is a photo of Christina at the peak. (It was her first backpacking trip, and it was a challenging one. I was proud of her.)

guadalupe peak christina

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West Texas Tour: Guadalupe Mountains National Park

thu, texas

day 2 guadalupe mountains national Day 2
Destination: Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Mileage: ~145 miles
Time: ~3 hours
Temperature: 60/99F (Low/High)
*Stopped in Pecos for water/gas/Walmart

Here’s a disclaimer: I’ve been writing these out of order, so there isn’t that much consistency. Yay me!


I’ve been thinking about it, and I think maybe Guadalupe Mountains National Park was my favorite place on this trip. It was really beautiful, especially the morning. I saw a snake on my way to the bathroom, which wasn’t so beautiful but at least he was chill. I had a great sleep that night, and the view in the morning was the best. I don’t know, every place was different but I definitely want to come back here.

Look. At. This. View.


Sidebar: Pecos is kind of the worst, BUT they have Walmart and it’s the closest city (in Texas) that has things you may need. They also have Dairy Queen…

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