Japan Diaries Day 20 – Kawaguchiko Day 2 Part 1

Yamanashi Kei

The second and last day of my trip with my fiance to Yamanashi Prefecture 山梨県, and my Japanese hometown, was on Christmas Eve. After our late arrival in Fuji-kawaguchiko the day before, it was time to explore the area before heading back to Tokyo.



One thing you should know about me is that I am quite a fan of Mt. Fuji. Yamanashi Prefecture is my adopted Japanese hometown because I studied abroad here during my undergraduate university studies. Being this close to such an amazing natural wonder quite naturally makes one a fan of its beauty. Thus, my second and last day at Fuji-kawaguchiko was spent trying to enjoy as much of Mt. Fuji as I could before we had to go back to Tokyo.

We awoke at 6 in the morning on Christmas Eve at our ryokan, or Japanese inn, near the shores of Lake Kawaguchiko…

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Fun Photo Friday — David Williams at Hueco Tanks 2

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