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Fun Photo Friday — David Williams at Hueco Tanks 2

R. Doug Wicker — Author

Escontrias Ranch House Escontrias Ranch House

This Fun Photo Friday is a two-fer.  On this last look at Hueco Tanks I’m going to relate another piece of history here before presenting today’s gallery of favorites.  You may have wondered why all this wetland wasn’t put to commercial use.  Well, it was.  In 1898 Silverio Escontrias purchased Hueco Tanks from previous owner Juan Armendariz, who had purchased this land in 1895 and began to do some ranching.  Silverio Escontrias wasted little time settling in and for nearly sixty years the Escontrias family ran a very successful cattle ranching operation here until 1956.  In the 1940s and ’50s the Escontrias’ leased some of the land to the Army.  The Army used the area for anti-aircraft artillery training, and even constructed a small dirt strip for light aircraft pulling tow targets.  The Escontrias adobe ranch house still stands today, and it’s the first place visitors are…

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