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Catch Up, Part One

Polishing the Bumstone

It’s been more than six months since I’ve posted any sort of update and all kinds of things have happened since then! This is going to serve as a catch up post. Just a picture or two about what I’ve been up to and where I’ve been so that hopefully during this fall of climbing and life on the road I can keep it up to date.

Indian Creek

Ben and I drove south from Wyoming and reconvened in Moab for one more stint in The Creek. This time though we were meeting a couple ladies from Flagstaff. Kayla, Ben’s girlfriend, Megan, and her dog Juniper. Megan and I met briefly in Flagstaff while I was there in January and had stayed in contact. It was her spring break from nursing school and we arranged to meet up for a week of climbing splitters in the desert. Needless to say…

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