Climbing Terminology: Nonsensical words that actually make sense


When I first started climbing, I remember hearing a lot of words that made absolutely no sense. When the much more climbing savy person with you is yelling, “hand heel the green jug!”, it really helps to know what those things are.

Over time, you learn what these terms mean simply by being around other climbers and putting two and two together. I would liketo speed up this learning process for you, or at least provide you with some clarification if you’re a climber, or some entertainment if you’re a non-climber.

Oh, and the words themselves are in alphabetical order, but the pictures are not I’m afraid. Also, several words do not have an accompanying picture because I felt they didn’t really need a physical representation. But luckily, most of them do! So, enjoy – I hope you learn something!

Climbing Terminology– Nonsensical words that actually make sense


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