Unaffected Photography

There’s a small village, for lack of a better word, in Big Bend National Park named Castolon.  There’s a lovely old general store and a cluster of old buildings that all in all are stark reminders of the people who tried to hack out a living from the desert by setting up irrigation farming close to the Rio Grande.

The contrast of nature’s curves and man’s straight lines drew my eye to this scene and captivated my imagination.

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Blue Boquillas

I think I’m looking across the Rio Grande River at Boquillas del Carmen in Old Mexico.

Real-World Adobe

This “adobe” was on the road to Marathon, Texas. I was heading to the Chisos basin inside the Bid Bend area. I’m pretty sure the Rio Grande River is due south of this adobe. But i could be wrong. I’m fairly sure that i was in Sanderson county. Any comments?