Ponca City Times

Tony A. Smith

Yesterday I spent traveling to the north part of the state of Oklahoma to a small town called Ponca City which is located approximately twenty miles to the south of Kansas.  Ponca is the city where I was born and I was there to do some research for a few of my books.  This little city has a lot of interesting history associated with it and oil has been in the center of much of the history.

Pioneer Woman Statue

The statue above was dedicated in 1930 by E.W. Marland who was a millionaire oilman who pretty much put Ponca City on the map in a lot of ways.  The theme of the statue was based upon the settling of the american west.  It was dedicated on April 22, 1930 on the 41st anniversary of the land run of 1889 which opened Oklahoma territory to settlers. More than 40,000 people attended the unveiling…

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Camping at the Beach


This past Labor Day weekend, we went camping in our travel trailer again. This time, we went to Mustang Island, a state park on the Coastal Bend of Texas.


It was a glorious trip. I don’t even know why I’m telling you this, because I think Mustang Island should be kept a fairly well-guarded secret. We had a great time there, except the trailer had one small difficulty … the gray water tank filled for an unknown reason and left us having to dump it or experience unsanitary conditions. We didn’t have a sewer outlet, so we had to take the trailer itself to be dumped.

Anyway, it was a great trip, the beach was very nice, most of the RVers were decent folks (even the adults with the four kids who insisted on playing in front of my new truck), and it was quite relaxing. And as always, we…

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09/29/12 – Lufkin, Tx (Angelina County)


It was raining when we headed out to drive to Lufkin and it rained the whole way there.  It was raining during the whole 6 mile walk which was 95% on trail that looks like it was made for mountain biking.  To get the whole 10K we had to also do a loop around the softball and soccar fields.

This event was at Kit McConnico Park.  The trail although wet was not muddy.  It was sandy soil and it was a nice walk.  This was in Angeline County and I am now 60% complete walking the counties of Texas.

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Village Creek State Park – Hardin County – 04/18/15


This is the last new county event in Texas until after July. So this will be my last post here for awhile.

The recent heavy rains in the area caused the 10K route to be cancelled. To get a 10K we had to do the 5K route twice, which is what we did. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It meant we had a bathroom break half way through our walk. The trail was a mixture of puddles and dry, but the ground wasn’t clay so we didn’t end up with mud clinging to our shoes.

Friends from Dallas. They were finished with the first 5K loop and were heading back out. So we got to follow them and not pay too much attention to the trail markings and map.

Houston Happy Hiker walk registration volunteer.

First bridge as we headed out.

Big roots in the trail.

Meet more friends on…

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Paducah – Cottle County – 09/03/2015


Day two we drove south out of Childress to collect Cottle County. The county seat is Paducah and it is on US-83.  We started walking at 7:30 on a clear day with 60 degree temperature.

We registered for the walk here. We registered for the walk here.

Church1st United Methodist Church

Nice fence with CanasNice fence with Canas

Closed buildingClosed building which I thought might be a school.

Moon flowersMoon flowers

Mural on closed businessMural on closed business

We did a loop in the cemetery.We did a loop in the cemetery.

Historical marker in cemetery.Historical marker in cemetery.

Sad markerSad marker of 14 year old “killed by a donkey”

Another sad marker.Another sad marker this one for a 10 year old.

Not sure if it was a barn or a house. Empty now.Not sure if it was a barn or a house. It is empty now.

This is the front of the building we passed before. It is a closed Hospital.This is the front of the closed building we passed earlier. It is a closed W.Q. Richards Memorial Hospital.

Seeds not flowers on this tree.Tree covered with seeds not flowers.

Nice rock wall around a playground.Nice rock wall around a playground.

Nice school bus.Nice bus for the girl’s athletic team, the “Lady Dragons”.

Administrative office.Paducah ISD Administrative…

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Japan Diaries Day 20 – Kawaguchiko Day 2 Part 1

Yamanashi Kei

The second and last day of my trip with my fiance to Yamanashi Prefecture 山梨県, and my Japanese hometown, was on Christmas Eve. After our late arrival in Fuji-kawaguchiko the day before, it was time to explore the area before heading back to Tokyo.



One thing you should know about me is that I am quite a fan of Mt. Fuji. Yamanashi Prefecture is my adopted Japanese hometown because I studied abroad here during my undergraduate university studies. Being this close to such an amazing natural wonder quite naturally makes one a fan of its beauty. Thus, my second and last day at Fuji-kawaguchiko was spent trying to enjoy as much of Mt. Fuji as I could before we had to go back to Tokyo.

We awoke at 6 in the morning on Christmas Eve at our ryokan, or Japanese inn, near the shores of Lake Kawaguchiko…

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A quick Austin roadtrip, and what did I see? Too much for 1 post or even 10. Though, here’s a broadbrush of my first summer drive between the desert and the green world Austin rests in. The miles grinded away, as I pondered how landscapes could reflect such changes,…

Fun Photo Friday — David Williams at Hueco Tanks 2

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Escontrias Ranch House This Fun Photo Friday is a two-fer.  On this last look at Hueco Tanks I’m going to relate another piece of history here before presenting today’s gallery of favorites.  You may have wondered why all this wetland wasn’t put to commercial use.  Well, it was. …